Clovelly Talks is a unique platform in London for keeping up with World-Affairs and staying informed on National Policy directions.

Perspectives straight from the Policymakers in a relaxed social atmosphere. Information explained by great men of power and influence through direct contact and filtered through simple conversations.

London Talks Events

Past Speakers

Clovelly talks in London – 2nd November, 2016. Inaugural lecture given by :


Sir Peter Bazalgette

Sir Peter Bazalgette was the Chair of the Arts Council and the Chairman of ITV at the time . He spoke on
“Why should the Public fund the Arts?”

Clovelly Talks in London Thursday 9th November, 2017

The Rt Hon. The Lord Judge PC

Former Lord Chief Justice of England & Wales.
President of the Courts of England & Wales
“The Rule of Law –a Judicial Point of View”

Clovelly Talks in London Thursday 9th November, 2017

Professor Camille Parmesan. Nobel Prize winner

Leading Scientist in the field of Climate Change.
“Reponses of Wild Plants , Animals & Humans to Man-Made Climate Change-Challenges & Solutions”

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